Campaign details

Brand: Hellmann's Mayonnaise
Lead agency: Digitas Liquorice
Region: EMEA



Overall Objectives:

  • Announce our new price offering
  • Maintain the brands well-established, premium status
  • Create talkability

Phase Objectives:

Phase 1 – Teaser

  • Targeting existing audience / consumers who have engaged with the brand who have expressed the sentiment that the price of Hellmann's is too high.
  • Strive to drive curiosity, desire and demand.
  • Tease upcoming announcement under the guise of #deliciousSurprise
  • Create awareness and curiosity about our plans in-line with the budget speech.

Phase 2 – Engagement

  • Announce price drop by tactically engaging users talking about our topics of interest – ie Budget Speech. Use these conversations to land price reduction messaging.
  • Claim SOV by live tweeting during budget speech to facilitate our goals of talkability and shareability, therefore increasing brand visibility.