Campaign details

Brand: Hazeline
Lead Agency: Mindshare
Region: Vietnam



Convincing non-skincare teenager users to enter the skincare journey has never been an easy task. Our teenage girl is always unsure about what’s waiting for her at the corner. Everyday is a new discovery, with many things to learn and to make sense of – from their roller-coaster emotions to their physical changes – it is a confusing and shocking time when imperfection appears on their skin.

Hazeline understands that to win their heart, we should not only communicate about the superiority of functional benefit on whitening, but also embrace her exciting, colorful yet confusing adolescent journey as a real friend.

In 2017, Hazeline re-launched a new product of shocking combinations and natural active ingredients to help nourish their skin and keep it clear and glowing, ready to go along the journey of colors and surprises with the girls.

Target Audience