Campaign details

Brand: Harpic
Lead Agency: Interactive Avenues
Region: APAC



RB has a vision of a world where people live healthier and better lives. In order to bring people closer to "Healthy & Better Lives", we decided to create a campaign that creates awareness in users through the use of technology "personalised" for each individual - on a mobile device, using location-based services.

So, during the independence day period of 2017, we ran the campaign to align the idea of cleanliness with social cause and building a cleaner country.

Campaign's objective:

  1. Spread awareness amongst the users for clean public toilets in India - Delhi NCR region.
  2. Reinforce Harpic (by RB) as a trusted brand for hygiene, aligned with Swach Bharat Abhiyan to cause social awareness.


  1. Sanitation is an ongoing challenge in the cities of India.
  2. The inertia to adoption of good sanitation practises is very high.
  3. The prime challenge was in both awareness and adoption of healthy sanitation practices - driving habit and attitude change in users.
  4. How could such an experience by personalised for every user?
  5. How could campaign be integrated in day-to-day life for higher adoption?