Campaign details

Brand: Güd
Lead Agency: J.Walter Thompson
Region: LATAM



Since Güd business is 100% digital, we created a campaign for millennials. Not only humans. But dogs as well. Yes. You read it right. Nowadays dogs are millennials too. They have followers on social media, they are memes, GIFs and everything else. Based on that, we developed a campaign language never seen before in dog food market.

We created a campaign with only real internet content provided by social media users and our own consumers. All of this in order to raise awareness about our brand and redirect people to our e-commerce.


Güd is the new Brazilian premium dog food made with real food. It has an exclusive e-commerce business model that only sells online. Güd is not on stores, warehouses or pet shops and was born in a market of traditional brands that are at east 50 years old. So how could we be relevant in our launch campaign?


Mobile Execution