Campaign details

Brand: GÜD
Lead Agency: J.Walter Thompson Brasil
Region: LATAM

Creative Strategy

In order to find and catch the attention of potential dog buyers, first, we analyzed the most common spelling errors on Google when it comes to purebred dogs. Then, we bought these words and named dogs from a partner rescue center with them.

Every time someone went online and misspelled a dog breed name on Google, they were impacted by a Google Ad, as if someone was giving that specific dog away for free. Instantly hooked into the campaign by the word "Free", people clicked on our ads, but, instead of being led to the purebred dog owner, they're led straight to the mutt's page on our website. 

To increase the chances of adoption, each dog had its own story being told on the website – by themselves. At the end of every bio, they asked their potential adopters to take them home.