Campaign details

Brand: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Lead Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Region: North America


Our job was to to promote the launch Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair (PIER) by positioning it as as a step change in oral care.

Ultimately, the success of the campaign would be measured by product sales, household penetration, and market share. This was the most important launch of 2019 for GSK, and the business had ambitious goals of delivering $2.5MM in consumption through the first quarter.

Marketing and communications would contribute towards that goal, by helping to reach potential customers, making them aware of PIER, and encouraging them to buy it. Along this journey of awareness and consideration, business impact metrics like brand recall and product interest would serve as a way to gauge success.

Target Audience

Our research into culture shed light on the kind of person that we felt we could be successful with—namely, people that are generally striving to live a balanced life and are more proactive in terms of seeking new products that they believe can help them. This group, who we called "Healthy Balancers", is united by an attitude that we saw over and over again in market research; one of our respondents summed it up perfectly when she said she doesn't view her wellbeing as something that's "half full" or "half empty", but as something that is "refillable" and able to be replenished over and over again.