Campaign details

Brand: Grupo Dignidade
Lead Agency: Mirum Brazil
Region: LATAM


The World Cup took place in Russia, one of the most homophobic countries in the world. Then, in an event that celebrates equality and diversity, the LGBTQ community could not raise its flag. We taught: How could we help LGBTQ fans of football to be part of the competition with pride, security and at the same time criticizing Russia? So we created #RainbowCup, raising digital flags to meet the points of pride and security, and at the same time using social networks to boost the voice of the community.

Target Audience

We created a digital protest using the national flags that were already in the event. You just needed to take a picture of the crowd, apply the rainbow flag emoji and share it using #RainbowCup. We launched the idea at the World Cup opening using a video narrated by Trans people. Throughout the event, we use social networks to engage the public, talk about the dangers in Russia and report how each country treats its own community.

Creative Strategy