Campaign details

Brand: GRAB
Lead Agency: Telkomsel
Region: Indonesia



The ride - hail tech industry is one of the few sectors where we can see the street traffic is just as valuable as web traffic. Indonesia as one of growing country with high internet penetration, make them becomes smartphone. Mobile apps become daily needs from social media, games, and also online transportation. As we know for 3 years online transportation apps become a powerful apps with a lot of usage on it from buying food, ticket and also take a trip. This business also has impact to decrease numbers of jobless people. Based on BPS data informal job number is increasing 0.07%. This is in line with the number of online trips happen more than 15 million every week. Based on Telkomsel data we get more than 8.5 million people use ride-sharing service apps. Which mean one person can have three online transportation such as GOJEK, GRAB and UBER.