Campaign details

Brand: Google
Lead agency: Toaster
Region: APAC



Google's objective is to organise the world's information in an easy and accessible manner. This includes information about shopping online. In Indonesia, Google Search is the preferred search engine for online e-commerce shoppers. Indonesians enjoy shopping online. The number of Indonesian citizens who shop through online marketplaces is about 81 million people as of 2018/9, a staggering number compared to Indonesia's population of some 250 million.

As more and more mobile devices are becoming an important part of the Indonesians way of transacting it is inevitable that in future online shopping will be more prevalent in Indonesia.

However online consumers have often expressed how overwhelmed they feel with the many number of places they can find deals. Additionally, they're also instinct driven and can fall for the first deal they find and later suffer from shopping regret.