Campaign details

Brand: Google Search
Lead Agency: Toaster Ltd
Region: Indonesia



Google Search is the preferred search engine in Indonesia. But even though users knew and loved search, their usage was quite rudimentary and less frequent. This had lead to a large headroom for growth in habitual Daily Active Users for search.

On hearing from consumers, we realized Google Search was being perceived as an encyclopedia about all kinds of obscure information but not as a place to ask for everyday queries. This was resulting in a lot of occassional users who were not yet daily active users.

The Challenge:

  • Changing the image of Google search from being an encyclopedia to a place for daily passion points and queries.
  • To change perception, we needed to tap into a big daily passion point Indonesian people were always curious about: Football and make Google Search the place for all football information.
  • Indonesians who were interested in football were relying on Local websites, and going to multiple places, news and vertical websites/apps to get there soccer information. Google search had a key feature called one-box answers that gave users all the information in one place but they weren't yet aware of it.