Campaign details

Brand: GoodKnight
Lead Agency: Mindshare
Region: APAC



Mothers are always worried about the mosquitoes whenever their kids play outside & usually avoid applying mosquito repellent skin creams on their kids' sensitive skins. Goodknight disrupted the market by creating a product which is to be applied on the fabric and not the skin while protecting the user from mosquitoes. The campaign was launched to cater to the following challenges:

  • Being an industry first, moms needed to be made aware of the product
  • Moms needed to be educated about it's unique application method
  • End users needed to build the habit of applying the product to safeguard them

Thus, ensuring moms were not curbing kids' love of playing outdoors by the fear of mosquito bites. So, GoodKnight Fabric Roll-on took help from Chota Bheem, their hero, to form a good habit that will make playtime more carefree for the kids, and stress free for their moms!

Target Audience