Campaign details

Brand: Gas-X
Lead Agency: Weber Shandwick
Region: North America


Gas-X is an over-the-counter medicine that offers fast, effective relief from pressure, bloating or discomfort commonly referred to as gas. Gas-X is a brand built on humor since gas lends itself easily to be the butt of all jokes, and typically used slapstick, self-deprecating jokes.

But when we conducted an audit of our social media content, we found that 62% of the brand's audience are women, and that women were seeing the brand's humor as mocking sufferers' physical and emotional discomfort. Women are humiliated, not humored by gas issues, and farts are a cause of social anxiety for them.

With that in mind, we knew our humor needed to change to reach our audience and ease their tension. To align with the brand's target and what we know about her experiences with gas, we wanted to uncover the female gaze in humor: What makes women laugh? We found our answer in one word: FLAWSOME.