Campaign details

Brand: Garanti BBVA
Lead agency: Insider & Voden Leo Burnett
Region: EMEA



With mobile website's contextual optimization, we tried to develop and diversify our product and service portfolio to make their lives easier in a rapidly changing digital world.

It includes the latest innovations in information technologies and adaptive approach to allow totally customized curation of content for desktop and mobile visitor.

Target Audience

Our target audience are our current customers and potential customers. We target appealing to people who want to perform banking transaction (loan, credit card application, advance payment etc.)

Creative Strategy

As a bank that drives digital transformation in the banking sector, our digitization-based differentiation strategy to stand out in an increasingly challenging market, one of our priorities is ensuring that our banking apps boast the latest, cutting-edge, features enabled by technology, offering them an amazing and entertaining digital experience, with stories and original content.