Campaign details

Brand: Fuzetea+
Lead Agency: MediaCom Vietnam
Region: Vietnam



The RTD tea category of Vietnam is one of the most competitive and fast growing categories in Vietnam. Being a beverage giant of Vietnam, the Coca-Cola Company decided to enter this growing category with the launch of Fuzetea+ in late 2017. The challenge for the brand was to compete with giants in the category. These included brands from the THP group Zero Degree, Number 1 as well as Tea+ from Suntory Pepsi. These brands have been in the market for several years with a high level of media support. It was necessary for FuzeTea+ to think of innovative methods to quickly build up awareness and to drive fast trials to successfully launch the brand.

Target Audience

Given the competitiveness of the category, Fuzetea+ had to focus on the target audience. Considering the category behavior, the brand decided to have a focused launch. From our surveys, we found that the RTD Tea consumption is skewed towards Young Adults and majority of the consumers are office worker and student and their most consumed occasions are from midday (away from home) to evening (at home)

Creative Strategy