Campaign details

Brand: Ford
Lead Agency: GTB



Over the past 24 months we have seen a dramatic shift in both attention and content when people are shopping for a vehicle. Shopper have shifted to mobile as their tool of choice. Dealer visits and test drives are decreasing, and time spent on our shopping site is also declining, while online video research is on the rise. We performed some research, which illustrated that this decline to our shopping activities online and at the dealership was partially because people are looking for a change in content and experience when researching their next vehicle.

In research consumers told us:

  1. 84% of shoppers plan to watch auto videos when they start shopping for a new car. Shopping for their next vehicle via video walk-arounds, test-drives and owner overviews was as useful as visiting the OEM site. Usually this information was as trustworthy as what they were learning on our shopping sites.
  2. More than half expect to experience a vehicle online prior to visiting a dealer – the more they could immerse themselves in our product the more excited they would be in visiting a dealer on their own.
Target Audience