Campaign details

Brand: Ford India
Lead agency: Global Team Blue
Region: APAC


The largest annual sporting event in India is as expected, yet another cricket event - the Indian Premier League (IPL) (April-May 2017). 9 major sponsors grabbed 70% inventory on broadcast TV at a reported 13 Billion Rupees or 200+ Million USD. Only one automobile brand made the deal for 'Official Sponsor' - a competitor to Ford India. This gave the competitor massive reach, though with weak and inefficient mass targeting.

The client, Ford India's objective was to retain mindshare during this cricket season and to do so in a manner that was far more efficient and targeted, as compared to its competition. Using its 'Road Safety' campaign, we were engaged to ensure their brand messaging had high frequency visibility to a section of IPL audiences who had definitely watched the 'Official Sponsor's TV campaign'.