Campaign details

Brand: Ford
Lead Agency: Mindshare Canada
Region: NA



Canada's sport utility vehicle (SUV) market is highly competitive, expanding and growing quickly. To grab more market share and new sales opportunities, Ford Canada had the insight to target a younger, budget-conscious audience with the launch of the EcoSport mini SUV.

Sales and research insights communicated that younger drivers are not purchasing sedans or trucks, therefore the Ford EcoSport was the answer to bringing in a new driver to the fold by speaking to the consumer in a new way.

We needed to ignite an emotional and entertaining connection in order for this consumer to share with their friends and we needed to think inside the mobile phone and celebrate the Ford EcoSport unboxing.

Target Audience

We dove deep into our target. Unlike SUV buyers who are often older, established, with families and secure in their suburban neighborhoods, the growing mini SUV segment attracts a broader age demographic including younger, urban-dwelling, status seekers who live for social connection and never leave their devices at home.