Campaign details

Brand: Ford
Lead Agency: GTB / Mindshare
Region: EMEA



In Ford, there is a growing interest in the generation of Leads through its own channels and paid media.

Accordingly, we are focusing our campaigns not only on the generation of KPIs as configurations, but also trying to go one step further and generate Leads (in this case C2C). The challenge of this campaign is to generate a new channel in the generation of leads, in an environment of a very broad coverage such as social networks.

In addition, thanks to this channel, and due to the characteristics of the format, a lot of relevant content can be delivered to the user, which in addition to generating awareness, it also generates engagement and encourages the user to make the C2C.

The main insight of this campaign, is the appearance of bots in many aspects of the daily life. A bot is a computer application that automates certain functions or that simulates the activity of a user. A constant conversation is established between the bot and the user. In this sense, we want to take advantage of the conversational character that Twitter has (compared to other social networks) in order to launch Fords own bot. In this his way a conversation between user and brand is established, which provides the user with knowledge of the product and Ford activities; it also has the purpose of convincing the user which is in a purchase process, to perform a test generating a C2C