Campaign details

Brand: Finish
Lead agency: AntennasBI
Region: LATAM



The company had to double its market in Brazil for the next couple of years. The ADW detergent market leader, Finish, had been easily maintaining its good presence in the market throughout the years and, for being in Brazil with a high volume/value share, was even able to reduce costs maintaining a unique packaging compared to the rest of the world: the iconic Brazilian blue tube. Its powder format still was the most important, as was the format for all brands but the tabs was rising among with other brands as well. And some new brands were entering the market. So, since innovation was not done for some years the company decided to leverage and deepen its leader-presence but didn't know how to start. As a consulting agency working for the brand, AntennasBI was hired to develop with them the correct portfolio, messaging, package and format of product understanding.

Target Audience