Campaign details

Brand: fastPay
Lead Agency: FCBRAM
Region: EMEA


Fastpay is the mobile payment application of DenizBank and it was the first digital wallet in Turkey. You dont need to be a bank customer to use FastPay anyone whose age is above 16 can use.

Our target to make Mobile Payment widespread and change the habits of customers by becoming beneficial for their daily needs. Being beneficial and making life easier are outputs of an objective that is focusing on increasing the app usage behavior. In other words, as a mobile app touching the customer needs in Daily life is disruptive. As a mobile payment tool, the barrier is being an habit of a consumer. The low awareness of our brand, downloading hesitations, consumer confusions were other barriers.

We focused on the consumer insights. This approach lead us to discover the pain points in daily life. Therefore, a main pain point was about the public transportation. Then we discovered that this point was the vital.