Campaign details

Brand: Excella Gold
Lead Agency: McCann
Region: LATAM



Nestlé Excella Gold was launched on the market in 2015. This release was not communicated massively so, by the time this campaign was developed, the level of knowledge reached 25% and the level of consideration: 3%.

In addition to going through a business situation like the one described above, Nestlé Excella Gold had to face a category dominated by brands of pharmaceutical origin. The lack of this guarantee reduced the competitiveness of the brand's promise, so in an effort to reverse this fact and increase its credibility, it was decided to reformulate the product.

Our objectives were to engage children with our brand, increase affinity with their parents and increment foot traffic to our drugstore POS, to activate our partnership with the 4 major drugstore chains.

  1. Increase the awareness by 5%
  2. Increase consideration by 2%
Target Audience