Campaign details

Brand: EF English Live
Lead agency: Jotacom
Region: LATAM



EF Englishlive is one of the largest online English school in the world. Brazil is a country ranked 53rd as to English fluency in the world ranking and only 1% out of Brazilians have fluency in English. Out of those 1%, almost all feel insecure to speak English to foreigners. The goal of the campaign was to show the public there is no "miracle" as to learning the English language in that, in order to truly learn it, it is necessary to really study in a real online school with native teachers and specialists. That demands time and dedication, without magic formulas and shortcuts to accelerate the learning process and avoid the "gringophobia" speak fear effect. The main focus was to reinforce Englishlive as a reference in e-learning in Brazil, generate brand engagement and convert sales as a consequence of such an engagement. The social media action preceded the launch of the campaign on TV (the commercial was a look-like 80's tv ad with direct sales of the gadgets), and had the goal of generate a significant amount of leads for the direct sales team.

Target Audience