Campaign details

Brand: Durex
Lead agency: Affle
Region: APAC


The primary strategic objective of the Durex Jeans campaign was to communicate the product offering in an innovative (and fun) way within the target set, to increase top of the mind recall. This campaign was run only in India.

For this, we had to identify sources with high quality traffic, frequented by users from top metro cities aged between 18-25 years. Then, we had to formulate a communication strategy to effectively engage with these audience buckets.

In order to assess the success of this campaign, the metric of our concern was user engagement.

We had to promote Durex Jeans through an engaging mobile campaign spanned across 2 phases:

Phase 1 (teaser) - Create buzz about Durex's new variant launch in India across media.

Phase 2 (launch) - Maximize impact and brand reach by making audiences aware of the benefits of the product.