Campaign details

Brand: Domestos
Lead Agency: The Niche Guys
Region: EMEA



Domestos is South Africa's market-leading toilet cleaner. In recent years, the brand has been increasingly challenged by the arrival of new, more-affordable brands and therefore, Domestos has needed to re-evaluate the relationship it has with its audience.

Instead of shouting louder than the competitors – with claims that are common to the category – the brand created a new strategy to differentiate itself... a strategy to do good, while doing good business. So the objective was for Domestos to differentiate itself in a growing market by creating a unique communication platform that strengthened the relationship it has with its audience. The objective could be simply stated as Brand Awareness.

Target Audience

Domestos speaks mainly to mums – the caregivers in the home, who here in South Africa are typically responsible for ensuring that children are properly prepared for school and arrive there safely. This great responsibility reaches deep into the home, where mum makes sure that there is a safe and hygienic environment for her little ones. And even beyond the home, her primary responsibility is to ensure her children's safety and well-being.