Campaign details

Brand: Domestos
Lead Agency: The Niche Guys
Region: EMEA



For almost 50 years, Domestos has dominated the toilet cleaner category in South Africa. The brand has accomplished this in a thick, liquid bleach format. In 2017, the brand embarked on a new mission into the toilet rim blocks category of toilet cleaning. Our objective was clear: to launch Domestos as a rim block.

We needed to create mass awareness of this new product.

Target Audience

The rim blocks category in South Africa appeals to a diverse audience. At the core, there are mums in the middle and upper LSMs who are running households and wanting a hygienic and refreshed lavatory experience for themselves, their families and their visitors. And also within the category is a young and upwardly mobile consumer – those independent Millenials who are perhaps in their first or second home, usually apartments, and who are very concerned with the decor and design of their living quarters. This second audience tends to be both male and female.