Campaign details

Brand: Dimes
Lead Agency: Genart Medya
Region: EMEA


DİMES aimed to develop a project which attracts the breakfast and breakfast preparation enthusiasts' and also focused on the concept of "breakfast" embraced by the communication of its squeezed juice products. DİMES is not only willing to differentiate itself while communicating with squeezed juice consumers by means of assembling various media and content behaviour habits but also wanted that the joy of breakfast shall begin with the preparation and last with a sip of squeezed orange juice. Using computers or mobile phones to check recipes while preparing breakfast is neither easy nor hygienic. Hence, DİMES aimed to utilize technology in a creative way so that it reinforces its friendship with its current consumers and reaches people to gain them as new consumers. Making reading and watching recipes easier, getting maximum efficiency from the recipe while having flour and eggs on hands, solving a problem and bringing taste and technology together suited these aims significantly. was perfect match to the briefing and target audience and a project was planned to fit the dynamics of as well as the goals.

Target Audience