Campaign details

Brand: Dimes
Agency: AdColony Turkey
Region: EMEA



Dimes wanted to own the concept of breakfast in İstanbul. In order to do so, they had a sponsorship at one of the most famous streets of Istanbul, where all the famous breakfast clubs are located. (Beßiktaß Breakfast Street) As part of this sponsorship they renovated the cafe and restaurants as well as the street itself. To launch this sponsorship they wanted to create a mobile focused project.

Target Audience

The target audience of this campaign was everyone who enjoys breakfasts at the Beßiktaß Breakfast Street.

Creative Strategy

As part of this sponsorship, Dimes already did every renovation and addition to make the Beßiktaß Breakfast Street better. They renovated the restaurants and the street to create a better experience for breakfast lovers. The only thing missing was the long waiting lines. Breakfast lovers don't enjoy waiting on crowded lines before their breakfast. To solve this problem, Dimes partnered with Foursquare and presented a Crowd Level Map for the Beßiktaß Breakfast Street, leveraging real-time location data. With this creative use of data, Dimes wanted to solve the (last) problem of their potential customers and wanted to present them the best breakfast experience possible.