Campaign details

Brand: DIMES
Lead agency: AdColony Turkey
Region: EMEA



DIMES, as Turkey's first domestic fruit juice brand wanted to tell their roots and own the retro trend by reminding the longed memories.

DİMES produced its first fruit juice with its brown glass bottle. For this reason, DİMES has re-started to bring their consumers to open-air cinemas, tea gardens, street games and unique memories of the past.

To reach the target audience and establish a meaningful relationship, "HATIRLA" concept was created. Retro-themed events were sponsored therefore, the old games were brought back to the agenda. Moreover, the first thing comes to mind regarding the period of 90's is "Turkish Pop"' aimed to achieve (emphasized) via Spotify which is the mobile leg of this project.

With the high reach of Spotify and the creative use of the data it provides, DİMES wanted to reach its potential users through a meaningful project.

Target Audience