Campaign details

Brand: Coca-Cola
Lead Agency: Mediacom
Region: Vietnam



Coca-Cola in Vietnam has been a leader as the best partner that “Goes Well With Food” for a long time. In recent years, there has been challenge mounted by other competitors in the NARTD category to associate with food with aggressive campaigns launched by Pepsi and 7Up. As a leader in its association with food in the category, it was time for Coke to come up with something that changes the paradigm through which food association is created and thus solidify its leadership as the premium NARTD brand which “Goes Well with Food” in face of restless challenge.

Target Audience

Coca-Cola has always been a brand that has appealed to the teens and youth who have been the core target audience of the brand. They are tuned into the latest and are creator or early adopters of trends.

Creative Strategy