Campaign Details

Brand: Coca-Cola
Lead Agency: Interactive Avenues Pvt. Ltd.
Region: APAC



Our key objective was to reach young adults on the most engaging platforms in India, in a manner that was relatable and contextual. The intent was to drive the association of Coca-Cola with every 'sharing' moment and give people an opportunity to celebrate their relationships – in over 10 different languages.

We looked beyond nationally popular platforms to identify apps that young adults spent most time on, had a higher skew on 'sharing' content and had significantly higher penetration in core markets of Coca-Cola.

Target Audience

Coca-Cola needed to build more relevance with the 18-22 year-olds. It was important for the brand to build differentiation to have a sharp competitive advantage; and standout on key must-win imagery statements – Great Taste and Fun-with-Friends.

Creative Strategy