Campaign details

Brand: Coca-Cola Myanmar
Lead agency: Fulcrum Myanmar
Region: APAC


Myanmar is thirsty for information.

With the country only beginning to open itself to the world, after half a century of isolation under military rule, its people are starting to set their eyes curiously outward to the greater world beyond. With affordable smartphones and data plans becoming widely available, the information revolution has become digitally powered. And at the center of this are Myanmar's mobile-crazy youth.

With an average of ten hours a day spent in university and additional schooling, we knew that they craved for a refreshing afternoon break - now more than ever. However, with a cultural shift slowly taking place, we realized that how they experienced this afternoon break was likewise changing. It was a shift so inconspicuous that it could have gone unnoticed, yet significant enough to affect the ready-to-drink category where Coca-Cola enjoys market leadership.