Campaign details

Brand: Coca-Cola
Agency: YDigital Media S.L
Region: LATAM


Coca-Cola One Brand campaign objective was Brand Awareness, built over the pilar "four options the same sensation". The campaign commercial objective was to show the brand variants, showing the new cans associated to each flavour.

The main challenge of the brand was to educate the consumer about the new variants and the main opportunity was that it leverage in Coca-Cola brand.

Target audience

  • Ecuadorian men and women, from 13 to 29 years old.
  • Active, from cities, adventurous and always looking for new experiences.
  • Passionate about music, video games and football, and in love with entertainment and social.

Creative strategy

To meet Coca-Cola's objective,the creative and media strategy was focused on educating the consumer about the new Coca-Cola variants, and the cans colours, showing the before and after.