Campaign details

Brand: CNA
Lead agency: Mobiclicks
Region: EMEA


Mobiclicks recognises that where you go defines who you are. Using the power of location, we track individual movements and revolutionise the way brands view and use mobile advertising.

In the week of the 22nd June one such brand, CNA, enlisted the assistance of Mobiclicks and our highly accurate Location Based Targeting products and technologies to uplift brand awareness and engagement, sales, and to increase persons in-CNA-store and convert competitor traffic into CNA customers.

The CNA June Holidays Campaign strategic brief addressed the ever-present marketing obstacle of reaching the right person, at the right time, at the right location, with the most relevant ad. These key performance areas would be measured using the data we were able to yield from 3 of our products:

  • Proximity (geo-fencing 52 CNAs and their competitor stores)
  • Path (retargeting users who engaged with the ad/brand previously)
  • Footfall (measuring how many people saw the ad and went in-store).

Target audience