Campaign details

Brand: Clear
Lead Agency: Mindshare
Region: Vietnam



Clear has been the leading shampoo brand against Dandruff in Vietnam in the past 10 years, especially with Menthol variant. However, as loyal users grow old together with the brand, market share remains stagnant. Also, millennials are now offered with a variety of choices. Therefore, connecting with the youth is crucial for the brand to gain Penetration and Share. The question is, which occasion should we tap into.

Target Audience

Summer is the season when Millennials mostly seek out new experiences, socialize, and look forward to enjoy life to the fullest.

However, it is also the time when they are vulnerable to greasy hair, itchy scalp and dandruff... which holds them back from enjoying the summer.

Creative Strategy

Meanwhile, Millennials have grown up in a time of rapid change, giving them a set of behaviors and expectations sharply different from previous generation. They connect the world via mobile phone and technology. They’re addicted to Music, not just for entertainment, but also to escape the daily grind (New Eventbrite research). Indeed, many reports say EDM is the millennial’s music due to the computerized nature of electronic dance music... and because of the ease to share new music from artist to fan. Besides, discovery is the key attribute millennials possess and no genre fuels this more than EDM (Forbes articles). Socializing is one of their most favorite activities as well (3D research), which create the hunger of platforms that allows them to participate... and express themselves.