Campaign details

Brand: Clear
Lead Agency: Mindshare Indonesia
Region: Indonesia



Clear, the leading dandruff shampoo from Unilever in Indonesia, has been experiencing declining sales and loyalty due to stiff competition. The shampoo market in Indonesia has been saturated by many players. While Clear is still the number 1 brand, it is losing market share to alternatives.

In a crowded dandruff shampoo market, Clear has been losing loyalty among its audience of Indonesian men, 18-34 years old. They needed to increase sales by tapping into a new market: Indonesian men living beyond the city. Urbanization in Indonesia is the highest in Asia, with 4% of total population moving into the big cities yearly with Jakarta as the main destination.

This new audience subset was largely untapped. These Indonesian first-time jobbers spend a lot of time on mobile and unaware that they need a separate hair product made for men. They also subscribed to a traditional belief about success as a man. It is important for this market to know that they can redefine success on their own terms, overcome their humble beginnings and be empowered men.