Campaign details

Brand: Chipotle
Lead Agency: Vibes
Region: North America


"The real challenge for mobile marketing isn't reaching that consumer, it's how do we break through to that consumer. It's not just getting on the screen, it's how do we break through the screen." Chris Brandt, Chipotle CMO

Chipotle's "Freeting" (free-tweeting) strategic objective was to create an emotional connection with their consumers through brand awareness and mobile engagement. The company wanted to engage consumers through multiple mobile channels in a unique way, while also attaining company goals of promoting free delivery, growing their loyalty program, and increasing mobile subscribers. By utilizing multiple touchpoints for entry, Chipotle required participants to be fully engaged to have a chance at winning a free entrée. On average, each participant texted in 8 unique keywords that Chipotle tweeted out. Even though some participants weren't winning on initial attempts, they demonstrated determination to capitalize on Chipotle's prized offer by engaging over and over again. Chipotle successfully built brand awareness and drove engagement with both loyal and new Chipotle customers. Chipotle took advantage of an opportunity to gain more Twitter followers by turning their Twitter private for a game driving fans to follow in order to participate.