Campaign Details

Brand: Castrol CRB Plus
Lead Agency: Mindshare India
Region: APAC



Castrol had launched a unique product for MLCV(Medium light commercial vehicle) category- Castrol CRB Mini Truck Lubricant to fight against the overheating problems that the engines faced due to multiple starts and stops within the city.

In its second year, Castrol Mini Truck lubricant wanted to build relationship with their customer implanting better life due to stress he goes throughout the day.

Target Audience

: Mini-Truck (Micro Light Commercial Vehicles) drivers have a sense of frustration due to the constant struggle, as they are uncertain about their everyday business & income.

  1. These drivers are always on the go due to their load deliveries within the city. It's difficult to track them through various media without spillage as they don't have frequent media touchpoints that we take for granted – identifying these on-the-go drivers is a problem.
  2. They are on the move for 15 hours a day to better their lives thus leaving very little time for their family – no time for family.
  3. Monetary benefits play an important role as it acts as the means to their happiness and sustenance – gratification is important.
Creative Strategy