Campaign details

Brand: Cadillac
Lead Agency: Rokkan
Region: North America


Every year, automotive brands unveil cars to the public the exact same way: a satin sheet slips off a vehicle, the press snaps photos, and publications share the images with readers. What if we could reimagine the process of announcing a new model through a mobile/social-first approach that could increase brand awareness and create excitement among fans & followers from camo-off to uncovering? When Cadillac decided to reveal the CT5—its first all-new Sedan model in four years— on social, we began thinking of how to share a new vehicle that people cannot physically interact with beyond the screen, while uncovering a way to convey the satisfying feeling they can experience when driving a CT5. For each of these platforms, benchmarks were set for engagement, sentiment, and conversation volume and tracked by our internal analytics team.

Target Audience