Campaign details

Brand: Cadbury
Lead agency: Anghami
Region: MENA


5Star was introduced to the market at the end of 2016 and needed to drive penetration and gain market share.

With limited communication assets at hand, it needed to establish the brand platform in the minds of the target audience and position 5Star as the innovation that answers your mouth's needs.

The creative material was cascaded from global markets and did not connect with the local audience; it therefore needed to engage them creatively, using disruptive executions.

To drive penetration it needed to push for trial, therefore the need to reach consumers online and on-ground.

The target audience was a very connected group, reaching them would require the brand to leverage the platforms on which they spend most of their time, which were very specific in the market as Lebanese people are known to be highly connected and into the latest apps, especially music-related.

Target audience