Campaign details

Brand: Turkcell, BiP, Turkcell
Agency: Arena Media
Region: EMEA



Bip is the communication tool of Turkey with its more than 10 million users. Yet, Whatsapp was still the most popular competitor in the market and it was not so easy to make users switch to Bip. We did know however that once they download and try our app, the churn rate was very low. Thus, our main goal was to increase the downloads and reach new users. We were already advertising on relevant keywords like "online chat", "online chat app" and so on but we were also looking for new opportunities to expand our reach on Google. To expand our impression share on search ads, we were closely monitoring search trends, especially the ones our main competitor Whatsapp.

Target Audience

Our main target audience was heavy internet users who use online chat/communication tools. Our existing user data showed that they were consuming big data packages. The behavior was signaling that they were also heavy Google users. Their main information source was Google, and especially when something went wrong they were immediately turning to the Internet to solve their problem. We've also known that they were loyal Whatsapp users, but they were open to trying new apps once they have a problem with the existing one.

Creative Strategy