Campaign details

Lead Agency: BBVA
Region: EMEA



Accenture Interactive together with BBVA has made possible the digital transformation of a bank that wants to optimise their communications with clients via their digital channel. A dynamic portal with content, news, events and information with public interest specific information that allows a direct one to one communication with all types of targets.

Target Audience

Focused on any type of audience, for example clients, non-clients, institutions, legislators or regulators.

Creative Strategy

BBVA wants to be a digital and smart bank that listens, learns, helps, accompanies and knows the client perfectly. Our duty from Accenture Interactive was to lead BBVA to change the way it interacts with people in their digital channel. How? Following workshop methodologies, computer science research, new technologies applied to the internet, machine learning, real time service provided, all in a thorough discovery phase. Combining all our capabilities we have transformed BBVA portal into a smart media provider. To make it happen, Accenture Interactive developed the website where dynamic content appears according to users' interests.