Campaign details

Brand: AXN Asia
Lead Agency: TMRW
Region: APAC


The strategic objective was to engage with the show's audiences, and connect with fans on a deeper level by changing the way audiences consumed Asia's Got Talent. The show's increase in popularity from the previous season had seen a corresponding surge in the number of followers on its social media pages, from Asia and all over the world. While the idea was to leverage this huge growth and satisfy online demand for fresh, exciting content, the challenge lay in making the show heard in a noisy social media environment.

On the back of Asia's Got Talent's most successful season to date, the specific task at hand was not just in discovering better talents and producing a better show this time around, but in creating a more inclusive, engaging and all-rounded user experience, that could be accessed from anywhere in the world, since fans of the show hailed from all across Asia. In an attempt to bring audiences even further in than the traditional "backstage access" allowed, the aim of "Talk to Asia's Got Talent" wasn't just to be heard or seen, but talked about – and indeed, talked with!