Campaign details

Brand: Unilever / AXE
Lead agency: Mindshare Indonesia
Country: Indonesia



Indonesia is a young country with roughly 30 percent of the population under the age of 30 years. With the rapid urbanization & digitization, there are critical shifts in the consumer environment. Women have become more empowered, equal, especially in romantic relationships. The definition of masculinity for Indonesian men is slowly shifting.

Only 3 out of 10 men believe they are handsome (Ganteng). Ganteng is the combination of inner and outer beauty; by loving what you have (styling, skin care, & body).

AXE, one of the leading male grooming brands, identified this as an opportunity to be a change agent for men and help build their confidence. The Axe effect as always celebrated the fun between men and women in a surprising and irreverent ways. Lately the redefined purpose has been to liberate men from stereotypical male images and to be the most attractive men they can be...themselves.