Campaign details

Brand: Avon
Lead Agency: J.Walter Thompson Brasil
Region: LATAM


Avon, the number 1 makeup brand in Brazil, has a mascara franchise called BIG. It now consists on 4 different mascaras, each one with a different main claim. They all have neon packages, are fun and very appealing to a younger target. But since Avon is a consolidated direct sales brand, sometimes its hard to communicate with a younger target, who tends to buy stuff online and not with representatives.

Our main goal was to sell mascaras, but we still had to find a way to talk to this specific target. Then we decided to drive a massive online content through the number #1 device for this public: mobile. The innovative format showing them how good and fun Avon's makeup products can be. All the KPIs were measured through YouTube platform, Google Analytic 360 and e-commerce Sales Report.

Target Audience