Campaign details

Brand: Asian Paints Corporate
Lead Agency: Madison Media
Region: APAC



Asian Paints has long since been known for their iconic campaign "Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai".

With the consumers developing a taste for finer things in life, we wanted to create the next big phenomenon in home décor inspiration, something that would make Asian Paints synonymous with décor.

Increasing consumption trends and searches around 'Celebrity Homes' make it evident that People always yearn to get a peek inside the personal lives of their favorite celebs, they draw inspiration from their lifestyle.

So we created our own web-series featuring some of the most iconic celebs. We personified their stories, passions and how they have always been rooted to a special space in their home that has sustained them through it all.

By connecting Asian Paints to the classy décor of that special corner in their home we tapped into the aspirational value these stars hold for their fans.

Target Audience