Campaign details

Brand: Arcos Dorados Comércio de Alimentos Ltda
Lead Agency: DPZ&T
Region: LATAM


We created a new consumer experience, bringing together a technology and entertainment partner, our tray liner and one of our most symbolic products: World Famous Fries. An idea activated in the restaurant that created a new way for people to relate to the brand, turning the french fries into music.

Target Audience

Our target audience is primarily made up of young people who are passionate about music. A target that is a user of technology and attracted by new trends. A generation that is accustomed to do many things at the same time. So why not offer interactive fun at the moment when they are eating?

Creative Strategy

We brought together two things that everybody in the world loves, fries and music, to create a delicious experience. We transformed Spotify Code into FriesList Codes. How? In a partnership with Spotify, we created a unique version of the code that can only be read when you position the fries perfectly on the spaces on the tray liner. You can look for the right sized-fries, take a bite to make them fit perfectly or even steal one from a friend, all that matters is to access the playlists and enjoy FriesList.