Campaign details

Brand: Anmum - Fonterra Indonesia
Lead Agency: Mediacom Indonesia
Region: APAC


Anmum is a pregnancy milk brand that places itself as an expert & understands what is needed by mothers in the pregnancy planning stages, breastfeeding, raising their toddlers by providing products with complete nutrition for mothers and babies. The brand had a multi-pronged campaign objective to improve taste perception in consumer minds, by winning newly introduced product flavors. The task set was to "be the brand pregnant moms would recommend" and "drive brand trials along with incremental consideration".

Delivering these well-laid brand objectives through a mobile only approach, was a mandatory brand task.

Target Audience

Across 17000 Islands, Indonesia is a Muslim majority country with a well-blended mix of conservative & modern Asian values. The country's average first marriage age is 21 years & an early first child after marriage is believed to be God's auspicious blessing. Becoming a mother is a lifetime role for an Indonesian Muslim woman. It transforms her life, changes her behavior & shifts her routine, including how she spends her time.