Campaign details

Brand: Advertiser: Cervejaria Ambev/Product: Ambev Institucional
Lead agency: SunsetDDB
Region: LATAM



We set two main goals for the campaign: the first one was to give voice to people, asking them to share their LGBTQI+ pride stories on their social networks; the second goal was to turn this engagement into a real donation to the cause. Thus, for every message shared with the hashtag of the campaign, BRL 1.00 was donated to help NGOs related to the cause. Our intention was to raise BRL 100,000 in donations. For both goals, the same KPIs were defined: engagement rate, reach and interactions. And the amount of money raised with the donations was directly linked to the performance of these indicators.

Target Audience

The campaign was aimed at the LGBTQI+ audience, which, according to national estimates, represents 20 million Brazilians*. With a younger profile, 71%** of the audience is up to 40 years old, has a good financial condition, and tends to value a healthier lifestyle. Its relationship with the brand is based on a sense of genuine respect and the feeling of belonging. As the main platform of the campaign was digital, more precisely social media, it reached a larger number of people nationwide. In addition, the campaign not only impacted its target, but also called the attention of those who sympathize with and support the cause.