Campaign details

Brand: Ala
Lead Agency: Initiative
Region: LATAM



Get Ala consumers and mixer users to increase brand's share in their baskets by reinforcing the emotional bond through a relevant proposition and a superior brand performance that is worth paying more for.

Ala is a traditional Unilever Laundry Brand. It's communication platform "Dirt is good" is worldwide famous, but since it's positioning was launched almost 20 years ago, audiences are used to receive the same message over and over again. Surprise them is an impossible mission, Ala is getting old and boring.

Ala is a competitive brand, with a great balance between quality and price. And more important, is a brand that carries a positive message. Ala is a down-to-earth brand that tries to show the positive side of things, encouraging a mindful attitude: life should be lived and enjoyed without worrying about getting dirty in the process. Moments stay in our memory, stains are removed with just one washing cycle.