Campaign details

Agency: AKBANK
Region: EMEA



Our main objective was increasing the awareness of customers regarding credit score. It's a key value for financial life of the users and still need awareness. In addition, we wanted to make life easier for our customers via TV efficiently as TV still has the big portion of the reaching and life. Therefore, starting a lending process with only remote control and finishing it on mobile app without even standing up meant a lot. We created this project and from starting with just one click on remote control they ended up getting loan under 10 minutes via our App. On the other hand, we have a big ocean for digital footprints but as everybody we wanted to extend our reach to users besides the current digital footprints as well. Therefore, we created programmatic data based audiences using Adform DMP with targeting logic and communicated the web (interactive form), mobile app and TV in one place with this project which enables audiences and digital footprints to all marketing channels. Lastly, we wanted to show that you can run "performance" campaigns on TV as well to the right people at right time with the right product.